The Five Ways We GrieveDr. Berger is pleased to announce that response to her book, The Five Ways We Grieve, has been published in paperback. We are gratified by the response of readers. We hope that her message of hope and optimism for survivors of loss will continue to spread in the coming year.

“Author Susan A. Berger offers a fascinating new view of what happens to people who lose loved ones. The Five Ways We Grieve helps us to discover who we have become in order to give our lives meaning and purpose.” – Patriot Ledger


Announcements regarding your mental health benefits

As of January 1, 2013, insurance companies and HMOs are changing their reimbursement procedures from 50-60 minutes to 45 minute sessions. I would appreciate your help in managing our time effectively.

Practitioners are being asked to meet the following requirements:

  1. A complete list of medications, for health and behavioral health treatment, is to be filed in the patient’s chart;
  2. Notification to the primary care physician (PCP) of patient’s receiving behavioral health, including substance abuse treatment services.
  3. Preventive care and screening is to include advising smokers to quit and conduct screening for unhealthy alcohol (and other drug) use.
  4. Pain assessment must be obtained prior to initiation of therapy and follow-up.
  5. Treatment goals and a plan of care is to be developed with the patient/client.

I believe these requirements will enhance the quality of treatment provided to all patients. I appreciate your cooperation in providing the information as requested.

Thank you.

Dr. Susan Berger

Dr. Susan A. Berger is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker providing psychotherapy, professional education for health and mental practitioners, and consultation to organizations on issues related to grief and loss. She specializes in working with individuals and families who experience loss, and the grief that follows. These include:

  • Relationship losses due to death–actual and anticipated–from terminal illness, sudden death, suicide, and violence
  • Life Cycle losses resulting in changes such as aging, physical changes, empty-nests, job loss and retirement;
  • Starting over when geographically relocating, after experiencing natural and man-made disasters, managing family changes, such as divorce, and career change;
  • Pet Loss due to natural death or euthanasia, injuries or abuse, moving to housing that restricts pets, inability to take care of them, or running away.

“I consider myself most fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work with you, Susan. You have been an excellent coach, support and sounding board…”
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Dr. Berger brings traditional psychotherapy to the exploration of individual worldviews to help her clients work through their grief, through story-telling and meaning-making, in order to resolve their loss.